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How To Clean Hearing Aids

How to Clean Hearing Aids - All Brands (Phonak, Resound, Oticon, etc.) And All Types (BTE, ITE, etc.) Most often people do not clean hearing aids on their own. They get help from their audiologist. But this is not necessary in most cases as it is possible to clean the...

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Best Hearing Amplifiers and PSAP Hearing Devices 2019

Best Hearing Amplifiers and PSAP Hearing Devices 2019 - The Ultimate Buying Guide Loss or difficulty in hearing is a problem that requires proper management.  There are two main categories of hearing devices used to solve hearing problems namely hearing aids and...

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Hearing Aid Care And Maintenance

Hearing Aid Care And Maintenance Just like any other device you own or wear, hearing aids and hearing amplifiers too need proper care and maintenance. While a trained hearing aid care professional is necessary for specific maintenance aspects, there are other measures...

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Best hearing aid dryer 2019

Best Hearing Aid Dryer 2019 - Dehumidifier & Dry Box Reviews & Buying Guide Hearing aids are very expensive devices and need a lot of maintenance and care. The electronic parts may start corroding if exposed to moisture over time and the features you paid a...

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